My social media sabbatical is over

I’m excited but also sorta trepidatious to announce that my social media sabbatical is now officially over. I took a break in May of last year to deal with stuff, including wrapping my head around the idea of not blogging regularly for the first time in 12 years. After six months I though “well maybe this will be a one semester sabbatical” but then… yeah it was sorta easier to just keep Not Posting. However, now I am back and my goal is to write weekly about things that interest me. I’ll also be more active in posting my work on researchgate and pushing content from this blog to Twitter, Facebook, etc. I also have some other plans afoot but… more on those soon!

Welcome to the new website

I started my first website around 1994 or 1995. In 2002 I started a blog which ran first Grey Matter, then Moveable Type, and then WordPress. Then the site crashed. After languishing unloved for some time, I’m now getting this website built up again. Excuse the dust — things will be back to normal soon.