Matt Tomlinson on Culture and Theology in the Pacific

I’m very happy to announce that I have a new interview up at New Books Network. This one is with Matt Tomlinson, an anthropologist of the Pacific at the University of Oslo. Matt’s book is a discussion of the role of the concept of ‘culture’ in contemporary Pacific protestant theology. I love the cover image of the book, which features the holy family around a kava bowl. Full disclosure: I’m on the board of the Pacific Islands Monograph Series, which published this book. Second disclosure: We’re always looking for more manuscripts. If you have a really Pacific-focused manuscript let me know!

Maile Arvin on Possessing Polynesians

I announce my publications and interviews and things on social media but I have fallen behind on announcing them on my blog, which is supposed to be a more organised and permanent record of what I’m doing. So here is the first of a few posts about my (boreal) summer activities:

Go listen to my podcast over at New Books Network with Maile Arvin, where we discuss her new book, Possessing Polynesians. This new book from Duke Press is wide-ranging in scope and draws on what is now a really robust literature on Pacific indigenous studies. Also, I will not lie, engaging with this book finally taught me once and for all how to spell ‘possess’ correctly.