Sapir and Goldenweiser, White and Redfield

Investigating the biographies of Leslie White, Robert Redfield, Edward Sapir, and Alexander Goldenweiser. White studied with Goldenweiser in New York. Goldenweiser and Sapir were exact contemporaries in New York. White, Redfield, and Sapir were all at Chicago.

Also attaching image of the overlapping lives of Sapir and Goldenweiser. Born 4 years apart, they got their Ph.D.s within a year of each other, and died within a year of each other as well. Boas hoped they would both faculty at Columbia when he retired.

in 1925 Goldenweiser was teaching a course at the New School on ‘new evolutionism’. When you move past pat stereotypes of ‘particularist Boasian’ anthropology in the 1920s looks a lot different!

Website Refreshenating

I’ve done some refreshing of this website, adding a new background (a cc’d image of a William Morris floral textile print, iirc), updating my about page, and, most importantly…. reactivating my timeline of the history of anthropology!

I’ve been working on this timeline continuously for years now but the online version stopped working for some reason and I’d gotten lazy about uploading the source files. But now my timeline page has everything back on it again. You can view the web version online or else download the source files which you can use with Aeon Timeline, the best timeline program I’ve found to date.

In the (almost) words of Walter Benjamin, I am unpacking my website. Yes, I am.

Sally Falk Moore and Gilles Deleuze: Parallel Lives

I had (am having?) a discussion on Facebook about whether or not Deleuze said anything new and interesting for anthropologists trying to write ethnographies. Isn’t it the case, someone (who hasn’t asked to be Named On The Internet) claimed, that Sally Falk Moore already said all this stuff about process, change, and transformation? I was fascinated so I got together entries for Moore and Deleuze on my history of anthropology timeline.Capto_Capture 2018-07-01_07-34-12_AM

It’s remarkable how similar their lives were. They were born within one year of each other, and both had their most productive periods (publication wise) from around 1960 to 1990. Différence et Répétition was 1968, while Moore’s collected essays Law and Social Change was 1973. Actually, Anti-Oedpius was just one year before Law and Social Change but I think D&R is more like L&SC in that they are both solo-authored statements of their author’s unique outlook. Moore outlived Deleuze — at the rate she is going, she will out-live me! — but I think 1994’s Anthropology and Africa marks the point at which she began turning to other things. Her articles of reminiscences and memoirs begin in the late 1990s (not on the timeline). All of the pieces in Comparing Impossibilities that are not autobiographical are from 1998 or earlier. I don’t mean to say she isn’t still an active researcher — apparently the Haskins Lectures are forthcoming — I just mean to point out that she and Deleuze worked at roughly the same time on topics that were similar: process, change, understanding the world as mutable and not fixed and static. It was (and is) in the air. I think this is a good example of how data visualization helps us see connections that might otherwise be obscured.

January 2018 updates to timeline

I’ve updated the History of Anthropology timeline! Here are the changes:
– Added Nancy Munn and Terry Turner (as Terence Turner)
– Added some extra dates to Mead, Sapir, and Benedict in the mid-1920s.

– Added dates to Victor Turner from Larsen’s Slain God and other works.

– Added additional dates for Kathleen Gough and Laura Nader
– Added Talal Asad

– Added dates for Eric Wolf, Julian Steward, Michelle Rosaldo
– Added Sherry Ortner

– Added St. Clair Drake
– Added dates to Faye Harrison, George Marcus, Michael Fisher, and others
– Added dates to Rolph Trouillot
– Added dates to Gayle Rubin

– Added dates to Aihwa Ong
– Added dates to Paul Rabinow

– Added Anna Tsing

– Added Audrey Richards

As always, there are also minor corrections to dates and sourcing as well.

June 2017 updates to the history of anthropology timeline

A quick update on my history of anthropology time line: There is now an ‘official’ homepage for the timeline which explains how the tags, etc. are used in it. From now on, the ‘change log’ for new entries will just be my blog with the ‘timeline’ tag.

Changes as of today:

• For birthdays before 1911: added day of birth when missing, corrected colors for birthdate. Removed dupes.

• Changed display setting to ‘cascade unbroken groups from top’

• Random correction of people’s names (‘Malinowski’ for ‘Mal’ e.g.)

• Added date range of World Columbian Exposition

• For Ph.D.s awarded prior to 1957: corrected color, added citation

• Removed duplicate entity “Lévi-Strauss”. From now on I’ll just use Claude Lévi-Strauss

• Changed ‘Jo Comaroff’ to ‘John Comaroff’

• Other minor changes and corrections

• Removed dupes from publications

• corrected institutional event classified in publication arc

• Added dates for HRAF, CIMA, and a few more dates for George Murdock

• Added publications by Laura Nader

• Created Siegfried Nadel and added biographical dates

• Corrected color for Malinowski publications

• Corrected color for A.R. Radcliffe-Brown events and publications. Added 2 dates as well.

• Gregory Bateson added to timeline

• Added dates to Fei Xiaotong

• Added dates for W Lloyd Warner

• Added dates for Hal Conklin from Dove AA obit

• Added A.C. Haddon and Torres Straits

• Added C.G. Seligman

• Added W.H.R rivers

• Added Valerio Valeri

• Clarified dates and titles of Boas’s first positions at Columbia

• Added two earliest Ph.D.s Chamberlin and Dorsey

• Added Putnam’s chairship at Harvard (these are all from Voegelin 1950 Am Anth in Am Unis)

• Added founding date of Peabody

• Added early Uk dates and Oxford dates

• Added Michelle Rosaldo

• Added dates to Renato Rosaldo

• Added Carlos Castañeda

• Cleaned up and added dates for Victor Turner and Clifford Geertz

• Added Michael M.J. Fischer (as Michael Fischer)

• Added George Marcus and Late Editions dates

• Added LSE dates (including Westermark and Rockefeller)

• Removed duplicate person ‘Appadurai’

• Created color ‘tan’ for oceania

• Began using colors more strictly. Events nor color coded on location. In the past they were coded based on colonial posession – i.e. PNG events were yellow b/c it is/was commonwealth/British empire. Need to do more of this work.

• Added some French dates and Victor Turner publications. General cleanup.

• Added Jack Goody

• Added some ABA dates, including rought dates for Johnetta Cole, Faye Harrison, Irma McClaurin, etc.