Now I am fifteen

1 January 2017 marks 15 years of blogging for me. My first personal website was started in 1994 or 1995, which means I’m already past twenty years with an online web presence. This blog has had its ups and down — most of it has been erased or moved over the years as I’ve progressed from Grey Matter to Movable Type to WordPress to this current, hosted WordPress blog. To be honest, I’m fine with twenty-something waffle recipes no longer being google able. At this point, my online presence is spread out over social media, various profiles on websites, games, collaborative work spaces, IRC chat rooms, and much more. This blog in particular has stagnated as Savage Minds and other spaces have become more important. I’ll keep this blog going, and I’ll keep the blogging going, but this space is probably not where most if it will happen. Last year I had planned to use this as an index to my activities online — to drop a quick note here when I published elsewhere, or participated in something I didn’t want to forget about. That sort of happened. As for 2017… we’ll see what it holds. Maybe more, maybe less.