Valerio Valeri: Tables of Contents

If you are like me, you are constantly forgetting which of the two edited volumes of Valerio Valeri’s work an essay is in. And you usually do it when you’re not in the same room as your copy of Fragments of Forests and Libraries. Basically, Fragments covers more of the Hualu end of things, while Rites has more Hawai‘i stuff in it. Here are the tables of contents for both volumes in case you forget:

Rites and Annals


by Marshall Sahlins
Editor’s introduction (with acknowledgments)
by Rupert Stasch
Chapter I: Kingship

Chapter II: The conquerer becomes king

Chapter III: The transformation of a transformation

Chapter IV: Constitutive history

Chapter V: Diarchy and history in Hawaii and Tonga

Chapter VI: Death in heaven

Chapter VII: Descendants of brother and sister in Oceania

Chapter VIII: Cosmogonic myths and order

Chapter IX: Rite

Chapter X: The power of gods, the laughter of men

Chapter XI: Ceremonial

Chapter XII: Mourning

I. Belief and worship

II. Feasting and festivity

III. The fetish
Fragments from Forests and Libraries

1. Feasting and Festivity
2. The Fetish
3. Belief and Worship
4. The Solomon Islands Discovered by the Europeans: From the Social Contract to Utilitarianism
5. Parts and Wholes: Social and Conceptual Dualism in the Central Moluccas
6. Notes on the meaning of Marriage Prestations among the Hualu of Seram
7. Buying Women But Not Selling Them: Gift and Commodity Exchange in Hualulu Alliance
8. Both Nature and Culture: Reflections on Menstrual and Partutritional Taboos in Hualu (Seram)
9. Those Who Have Seen Blood: The Memory of Sacrifice in Hualu Initiation
10. Wild Victims: Hunting as Sacrifice and Sacrifice as Hunting in Hualu
11. Autonomy and Heternomy in the Kahua Ritual: A Short Meditation on Hualu Society
12. Temporal Forms of Society: Chronological and Subjective Time, Mythical and HIstorical Time among the Hualua (Eastern Indonesia)
13. Prometheus In The Rainforest; Does Colecting Exist in Hualu
14. ‘Our Ancestors Spoke Little’: Knowledge and Social Forms in Hualu
15. On the Train to Chicago, via Paris: Confessions of an Idiosynratic Anthropologist
16. Fieldwork Yesterday and Today: The Future of Anthropologists