Bernard Cohn TOC

Bernard Cohn was an important anthropologist and historian of India. His 1987 volume An Anthropologist Among the Historians and Other Essays can be hard to find in digital. Luckily, it anthologizes many papers which are now available on JSTOR in easier to find formats. Here is my reconstructing the table of contents with links to these articles.

I. History and anthropology

An anthropologist among the historians: a field study
History and anthropology: the state of play
Anthropology and history in the 1980s: towards a rapprochement

II. India as a field of study

Networks and centres in the integration of Indian civilization
The pasts of an Indian village
Regions subjective and objective: their relation to the study of modern Indian history and society
Notes on the history of the study of Indian society and culture
Is there a new Indian history? society and social change under the Raj
African models and Indian histories
The census, social structure and objectification in South Asia

III. Untouchables

The changing status of a depressed caste
The changing traditions of a low caste
Madhopur revisited
Chamar family in a North Indian village: a structural contingent

IV. The British in Benares

The initial British impact on India: a case study of the Benares region
Structural change in Indian rural society 1596-1885
The British in Benares: a nineteenth century colonial society
From Indian status to British contract
Political systems in eighteenth-century India: the Benares region
The recruitment and training of British civil servants in India
Some notes on law and change in North India
Anthropological notes on law and disputes in North India

V. Representations of empire

Representing authority in Victorian India.