Life Last Week

Sarah Chinnery, via Trove
  • I spent this week fascinated by the photography of Sarah Chinnery. Her images of PNG, famous anthropologists, flower still lives, street scenes, and friends artists and family are all remarkable. I’ve posted many of them over at Highly Accurate Anthros.
  • This week saw me return to Gephi on a project related to the biography of Marshall Sahlins I’m working on. More soon on this front!
  • I am reading and enjoying Runaway: Gregory Bateson, the Double Bind, and the Rise of Ecological Consciousness, a sort of intellectual history of The Late Bateson with attention to the broader cultural context of that time, as well as the deeper intellectual genealogy of Bateson’s thought. It’s an interesting and slightly idiosyncratic angle on Bateson which I look forward to finishing soon.
  • It was the first week of classes here at Mānoa, where we are returning to Normal Life after two years of the pandemic. As a bald professor returning to a campus full of people after two years, I found the smell of shampoo overwhelming!